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In spite of education being the most crucial tool to achieve sustainable development, a recent survey done by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, says that 6 million children doesn't attend school. The focus remains on battling the factors that prove a hindrance to the children attending school and remaining enrolled. Many children enroll in schools, but drop out due to various reasons including the academic gap and age-class mismatches. This affects not only their ability to understand, learn, keep pace and excel, but also their psychosocial health and mental well-being.

In a bid to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for Out-of-School Children (OOSC), and help them enroll into formal schools in age appropriate grades, HPPI is implementing the Kadam Step Up Programme in partnership with private and public partners. While Kadam was first implemented in 2014, it was largely scaled up in July 2016 with an aim to bring 30,000 OOSC back to school over a three-year period.

Kadam is a yearlong programme, designed to help OOSC gain sufficient knowledge and skills to merge with the formal educational systems. The programme is a blend of cognitive and thematic learning, designed in a step-wise system, allowing each child to take departure in his/her current level regardless of age. When the child reaches age appropriate level, the project helps them enroll into school, following up for 6 months to ensure retention.

At present Kadam Centres reach out to children across six states - namely Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand. As of May 2021, 1,08,394 students have been enrolled in Kadam centres whereof 68,215 have already been enrolled into formal schools.

HPPI aims to establish 1,200 Kadam centres reaching out to 300,000 children over the next 10 years to assist National and State Governments in meeting the goals of Right to Education Act, 2009 and the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 for Quality Education.

Step up center
steup center
stepup center

Academy for Working Children

The Kadam Step Up Programme’s model evolved from the Academy of Working Children (AWC), which was first established in Behror in 2005. Currently 3 AWCs serve the children slums in Jaipur and Gurgaon. The academies also run regular computer classes for the women and youth from the community as well as evening extra classes for the children who require additional academic assistance. They also mobilise the community with activities on health, sports, and culture for better integration with this educational goal.

Since its inception, AWC’s have benefitted 13,500 dropouts and Out of School Children and currently reach out to approximately 800 children annually.

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