The role of teachers in education is being re-defined as participatory co-learners who facilitate learning and create student centric teaching techniques. With this vision PRARAMBH School for Teacher Education - a 4 year integrated residential Bachelor of Education Program is initiated by the Government of Haryana.  It covers the academic content from degree to post graduation level and aims to act as a catalyst in shaping up teacher education and mentoring other teacher education institutions to become centres of excellence.

Prarambh is an initiative of the Government, arising out of the concern for ensuring quality of education in schools. There is an ever-increasing demand for quality school education due to path breaking initiatives under iconic projects like SSA, RMSA as well as statutory requirements set forth in the legal framework such as the Right to Education Act.

HPPI signed a MOU with the Government of Haryana on 25 September, 2013 to establish Prarambh School for Teacher Education in Jhajjar. The Department of School Education, Government of Haryana made persistent efforts to roll-out this ambitious project and transform the quality of education in the state.  With its innovative teacher training approach, HPPI aims to provide valuable inputs that seek to address quality issues in Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education.

This program will have a sound theoretical foundation coupled with a robust practical curriculum. The first two years of Prarambh will focus on understanding the forces that will impact the education sector nationally and globally while the third year gives students hands-on experience of teaching in primary and secondary schools and take their exams of bachelor studies in arts or science.

Fourth year will challenge their learning and encourage them to be another kind of teacher who carries the spark of being a community activist as well. It will help them develop a broader, humanitarian perspective which motivates them to teach the marginalized and underprivileged people of our society. During this year they will also intern in schools of their choice, write reports and conduct an action research. The 4 year program will cover the academic content from degree to post graduation level. There will also be multiple level engagements with students on factual courses and teaching experience through integrated, investigational travel which will further introduce them to concepts of community development through practical action.

The program integrates education studies and subject studies to create a synergy that enhances proficiency in a subject matter and its delivery. Today, 215 students are enrolled under various courses at PRARAMBH including 57 new students enrolled in the Batch 2017-2021 from 15 states across the country. These students are organised in 4 Core Groups of 13-15 students each for efficient and interactive advancement of the programme. Keeping abreast with technological requirements, each student has access to a computer and content available in the digital library.

The idea of a 4 year integrated program is to train the teachers who can live up to the requirement of National Curriculum Framework in practice, theory and spirit and can visualize a future where they teach through observation and real life experiences along with understanding of their studies. Since it’s a “beginning” towards the definitive goal of quality education in the State, the School is fittingly called “Prarambh School for Teacher Education”.

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Humana People to People India is a development organization registered as a not-for-profit company under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 as of 21st May 1998. It is a non-political, non-religious organization. Its mission is to unite with people in India in order to create development in the broadest sense through the implementation of the projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities who need assistance to come out of poverty and other dehumanizing conditions.

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