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The past few years have been very good for Humana People to People India. With support from our public and private partners, we have been able to expand the reach and scope of our work with the poor in India, achieving sustainable impact more effectively. 

In 2019-20, Humana People to People India’s (HPPI) development work impacted the lives of over two million people across 99 districts in 14 states of our vast country. 

Our Education projects continued to ensure that there are new and more resourceful teachers with the capacity to enable children to become active learners and drive their own learning process. 

Working with the States and Government Primary Schools, our teams have provided self-driven bridge education to out-of-school children in Special Training Centres and to in-school children lagging behind in their regular classes, so these children could close their learning gaps as well as develop their capacity and confidence to learn for life. 

During this year, we have continued to engage with urban and rural communities to improve health and sanitation, livelihood and education, including pre-school education, for children, girls and women. 

This has been complemented with literacy classes, entrepreneurship and skills training and facilitation of business and startup of livelihood activities for women, enabling them to start a journey of empowerment and self-reliance. 

In our fight against Global Warming and Climate Change, we have partnered with local farmers across the country for planting trees, establishing biogas plants and developing climate-smart agriculture practices. 

Our health initiatives have continued to support the national efforts to eliminate tuberculosis, especially among the homeless in Delhi, as well as support the frontline health workers in primary healthcare, particularly among pregnant women and children. 

While we celebrate our achievements made possible by the continued support of our partners, at the moment of writing this message, we are all in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, as is most of the world. 

While we strive to avoid infection and morbidity among our employees and project team members, we mourn the losses of those who have succumbed to the virus and feel the pain of their families. We note with much dismay the plight of the migrant workers and the poor who have been impacted by the loss of their daily income due to the lockdown. While we have implemented strict measures to protect our employees and staff and disseminate correct information about the COVID-19, we have also continued to operate as a frontline organisation engaged in the necessary work to assist people impacted by the pandemic with food, masks and sanitation kits. We thank the organisations and individuals that heeded the call to support the poorest who had lost their income and were not yet able to access government support in the beginning of the lockdown. 

The battle against the spread of the Coronavirus and the rehabilitation of those impacted by the lockdown will continue this year and onwards, and we will be a part of this battle. 

We also sincerely hope that the world will learn from this pandemic that we as human beings have a responsibility for maintaining liveable conditions on our planet. We need to redefine growth and quality of life for all and to usher in a new stewardship of the planet that can enable seven billion people and trillions of other species to live in symbiotic harmony.

signature chairman

Dr. A. Padmavathi

hpp india chairperson



About HPPI

Humana People to People India is a development organization registered as a not-for-profit company under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 as of 21st May 1998. It is a non-political, non-religious organization. Its mission is to unite with people in India in order to create development in the broadest sense through the implementation of the projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities who need assistance to come out of poverty and other dehumanizing conditions.

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