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For the People and with the People 

People can make changes. They can get together and find ways to improve their lives, solve their problems.  People need others to support them, assist, inspire and lend a hand. The most pressing issues facing humankind can be better solved if people in the rich part of the world and people in the poor part of the world are allies.

Development is created in a collective process with broad participation, best with a mindful government in the lead and with contributions from many sides. Humana People to People work with the people and is part of the people because that is the only way to create development – together. 

Fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Poor

We do not engage in a struggle against abstract phenomena called poverty. We do engage in the concrete struggle side by side with the people, who are marginalized.

Nature does not, but societal developments of certain sorts do, produce the Poor. To root out the cause of the conditions and engage Poor in changing their own fate, we join forces with the Poor, governments and progressive forces nationally and internationally in a collective effort to transform and in the long rung erase the existence of the conditions of the Poor.

We operate through projects

The project is the unit of operation. It is solidly based on a concept, defining the idea, the overall contents of the program, the time frame, the organization of the people and the desired effects of the project.

Each project is organized with a project leader, who shares the overall responsibility with one or more co-project leaders and a project council. The project leader lives in and is part of the community where the project operates. The concept is agreed upon with the organization and the people involved. With that in place, many people participate in formulating the aims and concrete actions of their specific involvement in the project, and even more people become involved, and new elements can be added as per necessity and desire of the community or partners.

Holistic approach to development

With a holistic approach to development we include all people involved in the matter: the children, the parents, the farmers, the teachers, the neighbours, the local leaders and the national governments, as well as our international partners.

When people are in the process of creating better conditions for themselves and their communities, they do not work in single stringed sectors of development, but they handle the complex reality in which they face their challenges, and in which the solutions must be created.

About HPPI

Humana People to People India is a development organization registered as a not-for-profit company under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 as of 21st May 1998. It is a non-political, non-religious organization. Its mission is to unite with people in India in order to create development in the broadest sense through the implementation of the projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities who need assistance to come out of poverty and other dehumanizing conditions.

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